Unified Performance Workplace

With the Athlete Management System (AMS) Datico offers you the Unified Performance Workplace (UPW) with all functions for modern, data-supported athlete management: from performance diagnostics and individual load management to quality-supported rehabilitation processes, from monitoring injury risk indicators to mental performance management solutions.


Datico: Data in Context

Data management and analysis for optimal results

Analyze and evaluate your data and make the best decisions for you.

Datico offers you a wide range of analysis tools. The automated evaluation of your performance tests, the analysis of your training data as well as effective load management can be implemented quickly and easily by comparing your data with specific reference values.


   Analysis Dashboard

In your Unified Performance Workplace, a whole range of integrated and automatic evaluations are available to you.

No matter whether it is about the optimization of your stress management, performance diagnostics, strength and weakness analysis, the optimized composition of your team, your rehabilitation processes or your very own individual evaluations.



With the integrated attribute management you have the possibility to adapt your Unified Performance Workplace to your individual needs. Add your very own and individual features to your athletes, clients, videos & files, your tests, training units, all team members and every measured parameter.

Thereby all possibilities are open to you to implement your requirements quickly and easily throughout your entire UPW.


   Team Management

You are responsible for a team? Or even for several teams? In your Unified Performance Workplace you will find numerous functions that help you to organize your training sessions, games and competitions. In addition, the integrated analyses, dashboards and comparisons help you select the best team for your goals.


   Key Performance Indicators & Index Calculator

In order to make your data and results understandable and realizable for all athletes, coaches and team members, Datico provides you with various tools.

You can select the values that are crucial for your processes and applications and define them as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to present them automatically and meaningfully in analyses, dashboards and reports.

In addition, the Index Calculator is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily calculate various indices (e.g. sport-specific Performance Index, Readiness Index, Injury Risk Index, etc.).


   Reference & comparison values

To evaluate your results quickly and easily, you can define so-called Parameter Reference Sets. These allow you to define general, but also target group-specific evaluation criteria and comparison values for each parameter. For example, you can define different evaluation criteria for your top athletes as well as for your office staff – and thus generate individually tailored evaluations.


   Return to Sports

Datico provides you with numerous tools for the easy implementation of structured, quality-supported rehabilitation processes. For example, you can determine which tests and criteria are to be used to assess the progress of therapy and what is required to enter the next phase of therapy.
In addition, this structured procedure provides you with continuous documentation of your progress and results. This allows you to continuously optimize your own results, make your own development transparent to your customers and document the results of your work in a concrete way at any time.


Datico: Data in Connection

Your central data platform

With numerous interfaces to your diagnostic systems and monitoring solutions, the possibility to import your existing data as well as a wide range of forms and questionnaires, you have all data at a central location and at any time under control.


   Datico Import API

Using the Datico Import API, you can import data already captured (e.g. in Excel) into your Unified Performance Workplace. A variety of tools are available to load your existing data (e.g. athlete lists or measured values) quickly, easily and without errors into your database.


   Interfaces to your systems

One of the great strengths of the Datico platform is the direct connection to your existing diagnostic and monitoring systems. Due to the large number of system partnerships with various manufacturers and the optimal integration for the respective system, data once measured is automatically transferred and is available to you in your Unified Performance Workplace at any time.


   Forms & Questionnaires

Datico offers a wide range of anamnesis forms, questionnaires and forms for various purposes, which you can fill out yourself or make available to your athletes and test persons, depending on your needs and application.


   Task Manager for forms

You want your athletes to answer a few questions before training? You would like your test persons to fill out a question or anamnesis sheet before visiting your institute? With the Task Manager for forms you can set who should fill in which questionnaire at what time.


   Event Recording

The event recording function allows you to enter any training, therapy or diagnostic data – even for a large number of athletes and test persons – very quickly and easily.  Create the list of athletes and parameters you need in no time at all – and start entering your data directly – whether on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


   Media Center

Datico also makes managing your videos and files fast, easy and very flexible. You can load any files into your Unified Performance Workplace and not only assign them to individual athletes, events, persons, events or confidentiality levels, but also use the corresponding attributes to record very individual criteria. On the one hand, this gives you all the options for administration and access control, as well as completely new options for organizing, sorting and analyzing your files.



Do you look after several associations or organisations? You still want to access the data and results of the different partners and customers quickly and easily? With the Pro-Account you have the possibility to manage the data of several organisations and to switch between them quickly and easily.


Datico: Data in Communication

Individual optimal information at the best possible time

Provide each team member with the required data at the right time in the optimal form.

The integrated analyses and dashboards allow a quick overview and provide you with all the details to optimally support you in your decisions. All data access is role- and user-specific, so that every user gets the information they need. You can access your platform via PC or notebook, as well as via a tablet or smartphone.


   Messages & Alerts

Receive immediate notification when one of your athletes is injured, your team exceeds critical load limits or has reached a specific performance goal.

In your Datico Message & Alert Center, you can define any event and specify exactly who should be informed and how.


   Analyse API

Furthermore, you can also access your data from external applications (Excel, Power BI, Tableau, SPSS, Matlab, etc.) via the Analysis API. You retain full control. Even via the API, the respective user only gets the data to which he has access through the integrated roles & rights concept.


   Multilingual user interface

The entire Datico interface, as well as all parameters, descriptions, reports and dashboards are available in either English or German. Further languages are in preparation. Please contact us if you have any questions.


   Report Builder

With the integrated Report Builder you can quickly and easily create individual report templates and use them immediately.

You will quickly receive pdf reports and printouts that are tailored to the needs of your customers, management or internal team.


Datico: Data in Consistency

Optimal security for your data


   Individual database  

Your organization’s data is stored in its own database, physically separated from data of other customers.


   Secure data transmission

With your Datico UPW, you can force secure end-to-end connections to your database using HTTPS. As a result, all connections to your database are encrypted and cannot be read.


   Encrypted data storage

In addition to secure transmission, the entire database of your organization is optionally stored in encrypted form. This makes the data unreadable in case of unauthorised access – and you meet one of the essential requirements of the DSGVO. Your data is encrypted across the entire application stack.


   Field Level Encryption

The optionally available encryption at field level (“Field Level Encryption”) allows you to additionally encrypt individual fields within the database. This means that only applications that need the data – and have the credentials to decrypt it – can work with it.


   Two-factor authentication  

The optionally available two-factor authentication additionally increases the security when users, athletes and test persons log in.


   Roles & Rights

Datico’s security concept offers you all possibilities: You can set the access of each user individually according to your requirements. For this purpose, 2 core functions are available to you:

  • Functional access control
    Here you can set individually which functions someone may use (e.g. delete athletes, export data, enter data, upload files, etc.). Without exception, Datico allows you to activate or deactivate each function through the access control.
  • Attribute-based access control
    Using the attribute-based access control, you can optimally adjust access rights to your needs down to the last detail. This allows you to decide for yourself which security levels should exist in your organization and to which data (e.g. athletes, files, forms, evaluations, reports, etc.) you want to restrict access.

Best of all, even if you use external tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, SPSS or any other interface-connected application, each user can only see and use the functions and data that are released for him or her.


   Backup-Management & Desaster Recovery

Datico offers a fully centralized backup service with centrally configured backup policies.